Monday, December 25, 2006

Quick Recap

Friday: December 22, 2006
It is funny how a little restaurant with a little kitchen with four people couldn't keep up with food flow when they weren't even that busy. This is something I call 'management failure.' I came into the restaurant as a guest, but someone has asked if I wanted to work. Well, hell no. I just sat back and relax. It ain't my business after all. (I'd have helped, but the way I looked at it was that they could have speed up, but people in there were so lazy. They moved too slow. As a result, they couldn't get craps done. Meaning, they couldn't keep up with the speed. Meaning, they were screwed, and I wasn't about to clean up those mess, sorry.)

Sam and John fought again tonight about some stupid craps. I told Sam that he'd be better off without his little brother. When someone doesn't have a heart unto doing something, it will never work. If people feel obligated to do something for you, it'd be better not having them do it at all.
Saturday: December 23, 2006
I hurried back home to pack up some stuff. I was 3 hours late from our little x-mas getaway. It seemed that everybody around me felt pretty festive this evening. Everybody but me.
Sunday: December 24, 2006
Had little x-mas get together this evening with Dan's family. Dan's mom must have been one of the most easy going person in the world. We ate, went to church, ate again and then did our x-mas gift stuff. This year has marked my first with x-mas stocking bought by Dan's mom with a letter P on it.
Today: Merry X-Mas
On the way back to Indy from South Bend, I finally managed to grab a bite at this Chinese place (well...didn't expect it to be open today at all..yippieeeeeee) Ar.....finally some Asian foods are back in my tummy again after going on a few days without it.

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