Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Day After the Resolutions

After mentioning the New Year "Resolution," I celebrate it by following none of my resolution at all. I went to work, ate Baked Chicken Parmesan pasta at Fazoli's for lunch, ate countless of those dark chocolate as afternoon snacks (well close to amount of a working man meal) and finished off my day with greasy Chinese chicken and brocoli and hot n' sour and sesame chicken for dinner. Half and hour before I started writing this blog, I satisfied my needs by eating more of those dark choco with rasberry assortment and Pringle's. So much of the f--- resolutions by the way. WTF!!!!!!

Enough of that crap. Hearing the news about Thailand's New Year explosion, it makes me feel kinda weird. Well, we know it's bad, retarded and must be done by those cruel bastards, but hell, I honestly didn't think about the fact that the explosion had caused Thais to be on house arrest of New Year's Eve and didn't get to party, but feel more of like now, what is the Thai authority gonna do about it? Catch the bad guys? How? and What will they do about those bad guys? It is ashame to me to not having any faith in Thai authority anymore--not in term of not believing in their ability to find those badasses, but more of how will they handle the convict when they find them? More likely, if they have connection with people high up there in society, politically and financially, this matter will be ignored, will be forgotten. And correct me if I'm wrong. Thais forget so easily. Thais get mad so eruptedly, but that piss-off lasts probably for 3 days and then that's it. Thai people move on with their life.

I just don't understand. It's like if I plan to have a birthday party and if some motherf----r bombed my party, I would be so mad and I would hunt them down and once I catched them, they would wish they weren't never born. But heck, Thais are like, "oh! you ruined our party. I'm so mad. I won't talk to you for a second, but please come back and check on me in a few days, I will be fine." Same old. Same old.

(Photo Courtesy of AP)


Melissa said...

Hey Pond, sounds like your New Years was like mine, home like old maid eating a lot and watching TV. I didn't dare drink anymore after the Christmas party episode haha.

Interesting perspective on the bombings. I agree, I think in Thai culture people forget so quickly (but maybe a lot of culture are like that).

Anyway, I read some other blog and they were talking about how they were crying repeatedly over this. I think I am a callous bitch because really 3 people dead isn't that bad when you consider other things like traffic accidents in Bangkok.

I hope it will encourage them to beef up security though, especially at the airport.

PS Don't worry about resolutions, ones made on New Years are bogus. Try starting them 1 Feb. ;)

EVnoott said...

Lives are back to their routines. The only extraordinary thing is we can see soldiers in some areas, just for precaution, I guess.

I feel sorry for those who lost their family member. It breaks our hearts because it happened so close to our homes. It could've been anyone in any family. But it's so close...too close.

Pondering said...

Do you guys know whether those bombs were like big ones or little?

TryThai! said...

Hi Pond, Wow- you are living in Indianapolis? I am from Pennsylvania originally and now I'm living in Thailand with my wife. I saw your blog and post about the bombings. It may get worse here in the short term. Supposedly there will be more. Scary stuff. Stay safe in the states for now. Why are you in the states? http://TryThaifood.blogspot.com