Thursday, December 28, 2006

Weird Winter ( my fingers crossed)

I've gotta admit: this year happens to be one of the weird winter ever since I got to the US--Indianapolis hasn't got our very first snow just yet people...not yet.

I hope it stays this way. This Saturday, we expected our December temp going up to 50s to celebrate our incoming New Year. I'm very happy. Remember last year during this time of the year, it was freezing cold. This year is a little different. Well, we actually enter our colder front a little sooner than usual. Last month, our temp dropped to teens to mid 20s for a while and I expected some snow a little earlier this year, but heck, none has visited us yet. I pray to God to let it stay this way until, well, spring comes. As much as I dislike colder temp, I think I can live with it as long as there is no snow involved. Ever since I came to the country, I've become a weather channel freak. Weatherman in the US are damn well acurate and that I can trust my tropical life with them. Yep, I'm in good hands.

Winter in 2004 and early 2005 was the brutalest in my being in the country. I remember freezing my ass off in the apartment hoping electricity would be back up soon. We had snow/ rain storm and that the temp wasn't low enough to produce heavy snow, yet it wasn't warm enough to melt the existing snow. So what happened was that when it rained, it immediately turned into icy version of it. Think when you are melting a freezer in Thailand, it looks like that. So all those freezing rain got stuck in between those electrical wire around the city causing the whole thing to stop producing electricity. Meaning the whole city lost their power. Meaning millions of millions of wires were broken. Meaning the whole city went on weeks without power. People started migrating to other towns nearby to stay in the hotel. With the temp in teens and no heat, people were forced to leave town. Some stayed at home. I remember driving out of town trying to find a hotel, I couldn't find one room available. I mean,,,none. Living back in Muncie then, I had to drive all the way to Indy, which is almost 50 miles away to get a room. It's depressing. City of Muncie had to ask for helping hands from IPL from Illinois, Ohio and Kentucky to help fixing the wires. It took them days to make it happen. The day when I heard my area should have been fixed, Dan and I drove back to Muncie, back to the apartment hoping to be warm again in my very own place. At 3pm, no sign of heat coming in soon. No power, meaning no TV no entertainment. Even McDonald's was closed! I never felt so desperate like that before. I was too cold to go out, too bored to sit and did nothing. So decided to bundle up and lay around. Waking up around 8pm, seeing light from the neighbor. I turned the kitchen light on. Feeling like heaven. It was so beautiful. I started seeing those IPL fellas in the different light. You guys are like heros.

Huh...why am I talking about this?


EVnoott said...

Quite an experience you had there. I love snow but for a vacation only.

It's cold in BKK lately but it'll be just too hot for you. I think it's around 18-19 degree celcius, only in the morning and evening as usual. It has been 2 weeks now, and keep going....

OakMonster said...

Seriously, Pond. Move out here to CA. ;-) Our "coldest" nights have been in the 40s. I had ice on my car this morning, freaked the heck out of me! LOL.

Sending you warm thoughts ja!