Tuesday, January 16, 2007

i DO believe in medications # Part 1

I should have been more humble about this whole medication thing. Years ago, Thailand was so obsessed with this whole go-back-to-natural concept by Dr. Satit. "When your body feels sick, leave all these chemical-artificial craps as the last choice. Clean your body with natural substance. Rest your eyes. Relax your body. Eat in moderation. Go organics." Well, I wish I could have done it. I wish I can do it. It sounds so damn good to me--thinking about my healthy self with healthy pink brush on my cheeks and that my body feels so freaking good cause I let it be O'naturaaaaaaalllll.

Yeah! I wish I could do it. I wish I eat healthy, exercise regularly, rest 8 hours a day, go to bed in an appropriate time, and rise early to stretch. Nah....That will never happen--not anytime soon.

Especially the whole refuse-medication part. Man! do I love medication? and thank those scientists everyday for inventing Claratin D and Tylenol and Advil Liquid Gel. Don't I love them. Don't I love taking them. Some times I feel as if I rush it. I take medications too soon--as soon as I get a slight headache, I go for my Rx cabinet by the refridgerator. What can I say? I have bad sinus infection, plus countless types of allergies. At one point, I know the idea of going O'naturaaaalll ain't that bad of an idea at all--dust your damn apartment, eat lots of veggie, drink lots of water and blah blah blah. Well as far as I know, here it is, a 1000mg vitamin C from GNC and my green drinks from Target.

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Melissa said...

I try not to take any medications unless I'm desperate. Although you know aspirin is good for your heart. But I don't have allergies or suffer from sinus problems.

All things in moderation!