Wednesday, January 24, 2007

AM Phobia?

There is definitely something wrong with me--I just can't sleep. No, not exactly insomnia, but this comes only when I know I have to get up VERY early the following day, such as tomorrow!

This might sounds a little silly, but in a few hours, I will have to get up--now 1am, counting 1,2,3,4,5 so about 4 hours, and I'm still up and runnin. What's up with me. I've noticed this several times. Whenever I have to get up before 5, I will never sleep at all. It's not like I'm not tired. Now I'm tired as hell, but my mine is just too awake. It's not like I run a stressful life. Tomorrow is one of those easiest day..not meeting, no exciting craps. Hell, what's up with me. Now I'm watching Rachel Ray, Food Network $40 a day.

Tomorrow..I will definitely feel like shit--all day long.


OakMonster said...

Jinx! Been doing that the past few nights. At first I thought it was my body's reaction to the Vietnamese iced coffee I had on Sunday. (I don't do caffeine well.)

I'm actually sleepy now. But this piece of cheesecake beckons to be eaten! :)

EVnoott said...

Probably, it's the anxiety of not being able to wake up on time in the morning.

So far, I've never had problem sleeping. Perhaps, I am getting old and need more sleep. I don't eat much either during the day so maybe I don't have enough energy to stay up very late.

I remember there were times that I couldn't sleep at night, it was so frustrated! Hope you don't have this kind of weird phobia so often. Have something else too!!