Saturday, January 13, 2007


Finally, it was over for another week. I had been stressed in the past week, scared my ass off by those tough Ravens guys and their no.1 defensive in the league. A happy night for me: Colts is going to the AFC Championship next week. The playoff game we had tonight is one hell of the game--historically. I know all those Baltimore fans have left their stadium extremely disappointed, but hey, so much for all the yappie yappie talk through the last week. We end it least for another year. Even though the Colts used to be Baltimore Colts and yes, they packed their stuff and left town without notice, but but but, that was a long time ago. Get over it!!!

Love the subline in Indy Star website by Phillipe B. Wilson--"Twenty-three years later, the Colts have sucked the life out of this city again." (FYI: city = Baltimore)

Photo Courtesy by Matt Kryger, The Star

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