Sunday, January 28, 2007

Indy Sunday and the rest of the week

Indianapolis has been in this Colts Super Bowl mania in the past week. Everywhere I turn to, here they are--Colts fans, Colts gears, Colts talk....more Colts gears. Blue and whites sell like crazy!!!

I went to the mall up north after lunch this afternoon. Here they are: every single inch I step into---more blue and white. I'm so jealous of those sporting goods stores--Finish Lines, Dick's, and well even gas stations, they are selling Colts Jerseys, fleeces, hats, flags and pretty much you name it like there is no tomorrow. Retails have been making so much money since we won that AFC Championship game and even more when we are on the road to Miami. The funny thing is: yes, I live in Indianapolis, so most people is rooting for the Colts, BUT there are some who are Bears fans, and they definitely live their life (especially this week) as a mistress kid. There ain't much Bears talk, Bears flags, Bears jerseys going on. It is even harder for both me and Dan to find a birthday present (which we hope to get some of those Bears items) for a friend of ours for this BD tomorrow. I didn't see any. So Dan asks a store associate today if they carry any of Bears jersey, we get "THE LOOK." You know even our locals media, they have been running various stories about Colts players, team, president and CEO and even its history in the past seven days. Now they don't have anything to talk about anymore. But in respond to audience demand, they'd better come up with something daily---today, they decide to talk about betting. They are really running out of headline news. lol.

I love Colts. I am a fan. But I start to get tired of it. It's like there weren't a whole lot of big fans out there when Colts is in their down time, but when they start winning, man.....I don't know where these people are coming from. Oh needs it anyway. This week, count down to Super Bowl, my boss tells me I can wear jeans all week..even ripped ones..Monday through Friday, as long as I wear Colts colors.....LOL.

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