Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Coming Monday

I'm sad. Tomorrow is Monday.

I took a long break in the past week to hang out with my sister and now Monday will be coming in a few hours. I've never liked Monday and that hate of Monday has expanded into Sunday hating as well. It doesn't matter how much I like my job, Monday is still a day from hell--lots of working awaiting, and plus my work engine has been cooling down during the weekend, and that to warm it up again, this will take a shit load of work and efford. Gosh I hate Monday.


Melissa said...

I know the feeling, I hate Monday, and my job (the title is interesting, but the work sucks).

EVnoott said...

I loved Monday because I got to go to school. I love Monday because I get to go to work. People say I am diligent but actually I have nothing else to do.


Melissa said...

evnoott, not pathetic, you have the best attitude! One thing I am trying to do is take even mundane tasks and find my enjoyment in them. Right now though the struggle with my superiors is too do you find your way to enjoyment when others try to crush you? Ahhh!

Pondering said...

I used to work where the management was really weak--I had a supervisor who wasn't acting like one at all. That was bad...a very bad experience one. But now, I've already passed that phase from hell.

Well, Monday is over. I am cool now lol