Saturday, January 13, 2007


Surprisingly! I love watching Jackass. I remember watching the part one a few years ago, don't remember much about it, but pretty gross.

This one, part two, is even grosser I guess. BUT the 'dirty' side of me says, "yeah!!!! man! that's hilarious." Definitely something's wrong with me somewhere in my brain. Why do some people like hurting themselves, eating horse poops, drinking beer off their ass, and yeah, why do some people (such as me) like watching them doing so, and be entertained by it. Weird. How do some people (such as Stev-O) does that beer bong thing with his asses? I mean literally. How? I guess now God must be worried cuz' asses are made for only one thing, and I'm pretty sure that ain't for eating....that's for sure. Weird.

Now I've seen it. What does that make me? Jeezzzzzzz


melissa said...

Funny, I love jackass too.
Damn girl, if you ever come to DC we should hang out, we can go out and get drunk, watch Jackass, and then make stupid phone calls to people.

EVnoott said...

Hey! Try this,

Sorry it's in chinese.

Pondering said...

now I hold you personally responsible when going to DC.

Anonymous said...

You know what Jackass stands for at our office? don't forget to ask me when we talk.. it can't be written here.. too political. - p veena