Monday, January 22, 2007


Okay, I confess: as much as I was rooting for the Colts last night during AFL Championship game, I was lured into Tom Brady's Hot-ness. The guy is so cute and so nice that he gave us, Blue and White fans, the one and the only interception during the last 30 seconds of the 4th quarter. WE WIN PEOPLE. WE ARE GOING TO SUPER BOWL!!!!

Aside from all of the excitement, I'm glad we win the AFC title and on the way to Florida. Coach Dungy deserves it. Manning deserves it. Dallas Clark deserves it. Addai deserves it. Indianapolis deserves it--Big time. Our last Super Bowl present was what?.....1970s. Back then it wasn't even Indianapolis Colts yet, so to me, that doesn't count. Looking at the RCA dome, our wall is pretty much almost empty. The team definitely deserves this title and that yes, we are so going to Super Bowl. Indy isn't a big of town, but it's called a sport town. There are Pacers, Colts and Indy500. I know the Colts is a great football team, but in the past years, it had been an unfortunate. Especially with Peyton, he is one hell of a quarterback. Great quarterback to be exact--but never until this year, he has won anything. Football is a teamwork--not a one man show. Apparently, in the past three games, our defensive team has come around and proves themselves a great team. I'm very pump. We will be meeting the Bears in Miami. Big game.
(Photo Courtersy from Indianapolis Star.

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