Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Captain

I don't remember when the very first time was--the moment when I had my first sip of Captain Morgan.
I've never really been a really big of a drinker until my freshman year in Chiang Mai (well, this really has nothing to do with the rum or anything, but it's related.) Remember back then, my very first time drinking alcohol was when I was about 16 or 17, and it was some whiskey. Don't ask me why, but back then, it was pretty cool. "West End" I remember the name of it--some cheap whiskey originated from I-don't-even-know-where-until-now. We went to a live bar in Chiang Mai and that was what a friend brought with her because it was cheap. As time went by, my alcohol journey during my years up north had been upgraded to Red, Black and Chivas. They were all scotch/whiskey kind of family.
Once I got to the US, no one around me drank those anymore, so I had expanded to Tequila/Vodka and cheap beers categories--well pretty much anything at all, but never came close to rum for some odd reasons. Someone introduces me with this basic drink one night containing coke and rum. I then found out later it was Morgan's that gave all the 'taste.' It's strange you know. I tried Morgan's by itself a few times, but didn't even come close to like it. It has to be mixed with coke and yeah....all the taste buds and fun stuff go from there. Not sure why, but I can drink this stuff all night long for no reason. Someone once asks me why. I don't really know. I wouldn't say it tastes so good or anything like that, but it might be its aroma. I love Morgan's--one of my very few favorite drinks. The down side? The headache never fails me the morning after (well, this really depends on the time you do the bottom up, but hopefully no one would want to start drinking before 10 in the morning, right?)


EVnoott said...

The drinks are the same but the company makes it different.

Melissa said...

Pond, in answer to your comment below, they didn't look like "big bombs" (and believe it or not, I am in the bomb business...I'm not a terrorist though!).

I used to like the Captain but I can't drink him...or many other all anymore.

Pondering said...

P'Pung: That's interesting!!! How?

Melissa: Here are more Qs for you:
1)What kind of bomb business you are in? Seriously....
2) Why don't you drink "many other liquors anymore? What are those? and you mean, you don't drink at all? Just

OakMonster said...

Captain and coke? Captain and 7? What do your Captain dance with?

Just curious. :)

I'm a Guinness and New Castle kind of girl, but when it comes to mix drinks , I only like two: vodka martini (including a few varietals like sour apple and chocolate) and gin and tonic.

Melissa said...

Pond, I'm like Oak...sometimes a martini and G&T in the summer. I just tend to over indulge (especially since I quit smoking) and I don't think I metabolize liquor very well anymore. I'm a beer girl, lager...I can drink several pints and feel just fine haha.

Bomb business...landmine/UXO clearance. We get rid of them, not put them down. :)

Pondering said...

Bomb business? How interesting!!! I wish I could have an interesting job title just like that....:) Too late now I guess.

As of alcohol. I'm a cheap drunk, but still enjoy drinking. I usually can get drunk in a couple of glasses, so the trick is...I tend to avoid drinking at all in a formal social setting just to protect myself and closures from embarassment lol.