Saturday, January 27, 2007

And I'm drooling once again

I'd have to disagree with those who say 'we don't live to eat, but we eat to live,' translating into we shall eat in moderation. We eat for our body to generate enough energy to function and blah blah blah blah.

I enjoy eating you know (and yes, you probably already know that long time ago, if you know me well.) I love trying a new restaurants, trying the same kind of my favorite dish from different places, I also enjoy cooking (since there isn't a whole lot of option in the US anyway.) Over the years, I have considered becoming a part-time vegan--maybe still drink milk and eating eggs, but no meats. What occurs to me is that since I remember, I've never ate any kind of meats besides basic chicken (strictly whites,) beef (strictly beef jerky and hamburger,) fish and shrimps. I don't eat their inside neither if you know what I mean--those are just plain gross. The rest of other animals, I just don't. There is no reason--it's just I never feel like it. I think over the past year, I feel I need to get on a part-time basis of quit eating meats. The reason goes to my allergy and my need to increase veggies and fruits consumption. I guess if I stop eating meats, maybe 10 days out of each month, that will leave me no choice but eating veggies and fruits more--hopefully. Plus I think I need to go easy from time to time. Speaking of becoming a part-time vegan. Take a look of that picture above. I love meatballs on sticks or skewers with spicy dipping sauce. I love them and I love when they are made off the street in Thailand--dry and dirty. I know, you guys must be rolling your eyes right now, but I don't have a high standard, but I am able to tolerate not-so-hygienic foods. It is an ability I was born with lol. The funny thing is that lots of fellow Americans I know just hate these asian meat balls for some reasons. They said they are gross--you don't know what's in there and what part of animal were ground into a ball. But heck, same goes to those sausage, bologna, salami, pepperoni. You don't know what's in there, but they taste pretty good.


EVnoott said...

There were times that I had salad for lunch and little things for dinner, like gui-chai or something like that. It'd been that way for weeks and I didn't even notice that I hadn't had meat for quite some times.

Everything was fine until, one day, I went out to have dinner with colleagues. We had some good food with meat,seafood and stuff. Then I realized something had been missing. The food had never tasted this good! I felt so alive!! So I think Men are meant to eat meat. It somehow does something with our emotion and it surely is a source of energy.

But now, I am back to salad for lunch and a little someting for dinner. No matter what I have found, I am back to my routine life.

OakMonster said...

Pond, I tried that. I did go vegetarian once a week on Tuesday, the day I was born. No eggs but okay dairy. Not totally strict either i.e. I'd pick meat off a pizza.

It was part religion and part "I want to get more veggies into my diet".

The result? I never had so much fries, cheese pizza, and grilled cheese sandwiches in my life! LOL. But that was college so it was a little difficult.

I was thinking of resurrecting that again. But now I have to think of Brandon too.

Pondering said...

I don't think I really love meaty meat so much like steaks. Not because of religion or health, but I think meaty meats are hard to eat, chew and/ or even swollow. So I don't really eat them so much anymore. But heck! I love those meat balls for no reason..I have been loving them and will continue to love them.

I really consider doing this once a week or twice vegan again. This thing must be hard when you have to cook for two.