Saturday, January 06, 2007

True Blue

The Indianapolis Colts' 23-8 AFC wild-card playoff victory over Kansas City Chiefs at the RCA Dome makes me extremely happy. We've managed to survive another week of the playoff. Next week, we will meet Ravens.

Enough with the good news. Steelers' head coach Bill Cowher resigns after 15 seasons with the Pittsburge Steelers--a job he probably could have held for life. This is so strange. Cowher is one of those very few reasons I have been keeping an eye on the team being aside from Indianapolis Colts. It's also funny cuz in the past, I had only cared about the Colts since it's a home team, and even remember when Steelers came to Indy to play Colts for our home game last year, I didn't even care. I even got a free great ticket to the game, but never went there. Until not too long ago, I have watched some of Steeler's games and players' profiles. This time, it was a little different. This team has personalities, and I mean, big time. Coach Cowher also has this big personalities. Watching him is like watching Cartoon Network. He is so lively. I've always told Dan how much I like this guy. He is fun to watch, regardless of the game situation.
I'm telling ya. I have a whole lots of reasons to be in love with football. lol

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