Monday, October 02, 2006

Marley & Me

As a journalism graduate, I am ashame to admit that my last 'REAL' book (= any book with 100 pages and up!) read by me was six years ago. As far as 6 years ago, I was forced/ obligated to read In Cold Blood as a requirement for my literature journalism class. It happens to be one of the best written books so far, and I never felt so lucky.

I bought Marley & Me ( a few weeks back, hoping I would get to read it during my surgery recovery. I drove the Barnes and Noble a day before the surgery, glazed through all the best sellers, and here it was--a picture of a cute yellow lab. Yes, I bought this book because the cover is cute--that's all. I had never got around to it until yesterday, starting at 11 am 'til 3am. This book is awesome. I got lucky again. John Grogan, author/ journalist/ columnist, portray stories of his yellow lab like no others. This is seriously a great book to read--it is not only a dog book, but also family. Writting is vivid, funny and well portrayed. I now follow Grogan to his column about Philly ( even though it has nothing to do with me. Love his style of writing.

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