Sunday, October 29, 2006


Yesterday, one of my friends complained about not being able to do what he wants to do due to obligations in life. He feels that he is a 30-something-year-old with no stability in life, comparing with those in the same age. He has no money, no job he loves and no one to settle with. Basically, the guy is damn depressed. He said he envies me that I seem to get it all together.

Oh c'mon, I don't get it all together. I still feel that I don't even know what I'm doing. If I look back several years ago, I don't think at this point, I've achieved what I have planned to do anyway. But I told him, I am still ok with where I am though. If I start comparing my life with someone else , I'd never be happy. To me, each and every person has their own way of running their life--some may wanna be rich, some may wanna travel and on and on. Mine is to sit and see what tomorrow has to offer, and that I'm ok with it. I think everyone entitles to choose what they wanna do, but from my observation, people complain too much of unfulfilling life, but choose not to take actions. Some people care too much about tomorrow, but don't really live their life for today. Frankly, you just don't know when you are gonna die and that, it can be tomorrow. Jeez, I'd regret my ass off if I only lived for the day after and happened to die on that day. So since I've turned 25 years ago, I start living strictly for 'today' and see where life takes me.

QUOTE: "You can't make a diamond. You have to go and find them."


EVnoott said...

Speaking of confusion, I am too 30-something years old. Got a job and don't even know if it's the one that I love but it helps me pay all the bills.

EVnoott said...

Money, have money just enough to spend each month, got some saving to ensure I'll be fine after retirement and happened to be single.

Got a sweetheart but it turned out I am not his sweetheart. He told he knew I am the kind of person he wanted to spend this life with but not sure if he had that feelings for me. What the hell is that????

Confusion is a part of life. No matter which stage you are in, it will be there.

Pondering said...

I think some guys are just confused in general. Anyhow, there are always a TYPE of person you know you are better off she/he is obvious can be a great partner, friend, mother or father of their child. But there is another type that you are attracted to, but don't think they can make a life-long partner. You know...I have just written a column for the Nation about that. I will give you the link later.

OakMonster said...

I'm nice and settled in. It's not much of a life but I have a job I love, a roof over my head and food in the fridge. Very Buddhist of me to feel content. :)

Hubby feels differently though...