Thursday, October 05, 2006

INDY--my Indy

I first moved to Indianapolis at the beginning of 2005 from Muncie (where there is absolutely nothing to do besides college parties.) I've setting on the northwest side of Indy where I find it very convenient to access the town through our giant highway 465. Indianapolis aka Indy is a very nice town to live, work and build a family (aside from the fact that winter is pretty brutal,) I quickly find the town very safe and clean. People attitude are decent besides the fact that some know nothing about the world outside them. I'm not surprise of ones choose Indy to settle down, and live happily ever after, but here is not my case.

As far as I'm concern, Indy is not a very diversified city with lower than 5% of minorities and lower than 1% of asians, even though the city feels that there are people of colors everywhere. According to me and my observation, I disagree. We have only 7 Thai restaurants in town, and probably one of them meets my standard. Yet, the best one is not even in town. I takes me about 45 minutes to get there. This is pretty sad. Aside from that, the weather here suits those who are spontaneos because it leaves us, who obviously do not have any control towards mother nature, with little to no clue on what kind of temperature will be like in the next 30 minutes. Summer is pretty short to me, but long enough for those who are fond with cooler one. Winter is extremely long for any Thai who lives here. It can start in October until, God knows, when it will end. Indianapolis is a home of Indianapolis Colts, Indianapolis 500 and Pacers.


OakMonster said...

Girl. You so need to move to Southern California.


noott said...

I myself spent 2 years in Muncie, IN, the Indy's next door. I went to Indy a few times and I'd never seen that lanscape in your photo.

In those few times, I couldn't even remember why I went there. Probably, to pick up some friends from the Airport or train station. What else? Hm..I think that's it!

Even though I didn't know much about Indy, I had the feeling that it's not an interesting city. However, Muncie is worse. Only good things I got from there were the education and good friends. That's more than enough for me.

(Please skip to avoid nonsense-ness) said...

Oakley: I know. I need to. Weather here will drop down to 40s this Thursday. How depressing!

P'Pung: That picture is taken right by the canel in downtown. Indy is actually a really nice place to live. I only have a problem with its winter. Not as bad as Chicago I'm sure, but still. I usually feel alive when the temp is over 60 degrees.

noott said...

Yeah..may be it's nice. But for me, nice place to live or not depends on with whom I am living. :D