Sunday, October 15, 2006

Blank Day

I did a little bit of everything today.

Woke up at 10:15 am, showered, went to eat Chinese with Dan, came home by 1 pm, and started watching football games since then. (Note: Steelers beated Kansan City so badly this evening.)

Talked to the restaurant owner about not returning for good. Tried to explain as humanly as possible of why, but it doesn't seem to go through her head, which is understandable. Some people's mental intelligence is just not capable. (Note: She still owes me $100, but pretends she knows nothing about it. Should I try to get the money?)

Ate so much today: Chinese buffet (lots,) 5 pieces of giant cookies, 5 spring rolls, 2 bites of rice, 1 big bowl of mango ice cream, 1 big bowl of boiled soy beans, 1 box of raisin, 1 candy bar......I don't think my stomach can no longer hold my eating habit.


EVnoott said...

I ate one mama and I am so full.
Today is a very sleepy day for me. No nagging managers, oh..heaven.

(Please skip to avoid nonsense-ness) said...

So hey evnoot! so you have switched to blogger now? It is faster, isn't it? By the way, do you still use that msnspace?

EVnoott said...

Well, it's okay. I switch so I can complain about my work and other people freely :D

I sitll have to learn how to use this blogger.

I still use msn space.