Saturday, October 14, 2006

Great Photojournalism Magazine

Above is one of the best...actually the best photojournalism magazine of all time, published monthly by National Press Photographer Association (NPPA.) For those of you who are not aware of photojournalism, this magazine will give you an extensive overview of what photojournalism is all about. Photojournalism, overall, is all about photograph that pretty much convey and capture all emotions, feelings and the tone of what has happening. Photography consumers then are allowed a chance to experience the moment and visit the history and story without being there. These pictures are mainly published in printed media, but as well as broadcast.

The thing is that this magazine is not sold with other kinds of mags on the newstand, but you must be a member to get it delivered. To apply, you must be in photography business such as photography students, photographer and so on. However you can go to to take a look at great photographs and details. I told some of my friends that you actually don't need to subscribe to this mag if you wanna get in touch with photojournalism, but simply find some newspapers. If a picture you see give you some feelings, emotions and tells you of what has happening without being blunt (dead people/ murder on Thai Rath newspaper = is not considered a great picture..okay?), must be a good one.


noott said...

Yeah..I have been wondering if there is any way they will pass a law or something which prevent photo of dead people on the newspaper or those 191 maggazines. It's really gross. And imagine their love ones look at the picture, they must have felt far more terrible then we do.

Now the new government is trying to pass the law to ban alcohol drink commercial at all time from TV. They should do the same for these photos.

(Please skip to avoid nonsense-ness) said...

I know it's gross, but I guess lots of nosy people LOVE to take a peak of those bloody-no head dead bodies. This is sad.

You know, I hate seeing those pictures, but damn, they published those homecide pics on the front page.