Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Season Changes

I've marked my fall of 2006 today when walked outside my apartment, observing the tree changing its colors this mid morning. I use this cheap/ low key/ snap and shoot camera for a quick shot just right outside my apartment. I have have been holding this thought for a long time since attending Ball State that I will photograph one tree on the same location during season changes--from summer to fall, fall to winter, winter to spring and spring to summer once again. You will be amazed of how things are different and even with the same spot, same objects, colors--it has so much to do with its colors and emotion.

While attending CMU, a professor was saying some things about colors and humans mood--how they are related and effect on each other. People tend to feel happier in the morning, compared with evening when the sun is about to set. Statistics says people tend to commit suicide in the late evening instead of morning or mid day. Obviously, when you do get depressed, try to hold the thought, sleep it through, then let's deal with it in the morning. (Okay..need to stop now. I mean to write about season changes not phychological stuff.)

A lot of people love fall--beautiful landscape, mild temperature and lots of football games. Note exactly what I have in mind. Fall, to me, marks the beginning of winter. I hate it. When leafs turn yellow/orage/red/brown, it means all of this will be going away in a matter of weeks. Then they will all end up on the ground, making its mark to cold/bone shaking winter. I prefer spring, feeling like every single life has turned to live again--more of a refreshing thought.


noott said...

Yes, that's one thing I like about US. Many seasons in a year. Unlike Thailand, always the same, only rainy and summer and summer some more. There are only 2 different views, one with sunshine and the other without. It can be boring sometimes.

When I take vacation, I like to go where there is snow because that we can't find in Thailand. Or see the colourful leaves in autumn, another thing we can't find here. The only closest thing to autumn are either when the trees are dying or because of the durty road that cover all the leaves and make it brown but doesn't look pretty at all.

Anyway, now that I am in Thailand, I no longer have that chance to see those beautiful colors of different seasons. I hope I can find them here. Your photos always looks nice!!

(Please skip to avoid nonsense-ness) said...

P'Pung: You know what? I don't really care about how pretty fall season is anymore. Yeah..I'm that ignorant. If I live somewhere warmer, maybe I will miss snow too, but still, I will not want to put up with it for more than 7 days either. The thing is that when it is snowing, the problem that snow causes is worse: driving, bundling up with 10 layers of shirts, sweathers, coats, hat, scarves, etc....Every time I drive in snow, I feel like I am this close to dying.