Thursday, October 12, 2006

Working with Thais in a foreign land

Since I first came to the US, this is the first time ever working with Thais and so far, it's been pretty negatively interesting. Below is what I can think of--for now:

1) There is no point to argue with the older--like I've mentioned in the previous blog, you will lose if you are younger. So save some headache, ignore it or walk away.
2) The restaurant I work part-time with right now is a family owned and operated. The owner is married to an American, and has brought her sisters over to help out in the restaurant. This is a hell when the sisters just don't get along. Everything they argue is so personal. Since the restaurant is not like a warehouse size, you end up hearing every single thing. It tough teaches me something: if I ever get to own a restaurant or any other kind businesses and decide to bring in family members--we have to agree to keep everything business related. If this can't be done, then I will move on to the next best thing. Incident from this evening: there were tons of screaming-at-each-other scenes. It's like they were putting up a freak show for everybody.
3) Some Thais just can't hold a professional manner at work--something you just can't change.
4) For some reasons, people tend to believe that I ended up picking some hours working in a Thai restaurant because I need money based on three silly reasons: ONE: they think I am an illegal immigrant who tries to make ends meet while trying to survive a hard life in the US. TWO: they think I gotta work in the restaurant because I have no education and this is the only thing I can do. THREE: they think I cannot speak English.
5) According to the number 4, I don't think I need to explain myself to anybody even though none of those are the reason why I work there. Also, why do Thais think that you must be deperate, poor, illegal and uneducated to work in a restaurant? Any idea? This is so stupid and so one dimensional.

PS: Oh..just so you guys know. I am officially now a poor and deperate Thai who tries to make ends meet, according to these people in the restaurant, and yes, I'm enjoying that perception. It is pretty funny. :D


noott said...

1. as an elderly, I cannot stand if when the younger one is smarter than me. I feel insulted by their smart suggestion.

2. Some family are like that, they can kill one another when it comes to who gain or loss.

3. watch and learn but don't become one.

4. That's stereotype. Thais are like that among ourselves. It's worse in LA. Let alone how others american think about us working in a thai restaurant!! Some jerk lure waitress with citizenship, fun them and never come back. We are sitll living in different social classes.

Can you beleive, there exist the classes among waiters and waitresses. Some waitresses who work in hig-end thai restaurant consider themselve to be more professional and in higher society.

5. Sometimes, it can reflect how people are thinking. Sometimes, it's fun to learn people's thinking system. But most of the time, it pisses me off!!!

(Please skip to avoid nonsense-ness) said...

5# makes me mad some times, but most of the time, it finds it amusing. Stereotype is something that you cannot really change, but oh I get older, it tends to be able to ignore general.

OakMonster said...

That's why I move here. And that conviction was solidified after a) a few run-ins with "the elders" at local Thai Club, and b) a month stint at a Thai-owned business, decided that if I want to work for Thais, I should've just moved back.

I move here to be able to be myself. Going back into Thai circle just makes the point moot. Hence, I only socialize with you and some other forward thinking Thai gals. ;-)