Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mixed Kids

Today, I went over to another restaurant by my place to go over of what I would be doing after work at this restaurant. I walked by the kitchen area and saw a cook (from the distance, he looked white to me.) with tattoos and numbers of piercings standing by the stove. I expect a Thai restautant's chef to be Thai--if not--Laos or Cambodian...something like that. But this guy, he is something far from Thai cuisine.

Didn't get a chance to say anything yet. Sak, the restaurant's owner, introduced me to the tattooed guy, Jake, Sak's half brother. Jake is a half Thai-half white american. Sak and Jake share the same mother. Sak is a son from their mom's first marriage with his father--a pure Thai. Looking at Jake, I thought, "wow! your are so lucky having a white dad. See, I don't know what he looks like, but as a result, you and Sak don't even look alike---not at all." No, I just thought, I didn't say it. Here is some thoughts-----Sak is 40-something pure Thai guy with tan complexion, bald, chubby and stalky. Jake is a tall 30-something with really dark brown eyes, hair and a caucasian face. What an opposite. All those mixed kids are so lucky.


EVnoott said...

Yeah...I agree, those hybrid are lucky. Haven't ever seen any of them look average or below?

It's maybe too late for you but there are a lot of hope for your kids!! Lucky you.

(Please skip to avoid nonsense-ness) said...

yah...that's what I have planned...hahaha