Monday, October 16, 2006


I watched this movie 'Click' on DVD today. It is one of those good movies deserved to be seen by everybody. From what I know, it isn't a big-hit-billboard movie or anything like that (especially look on the right, the movie poster/DVD cover suck!), but I love its content. Adam Sandler plays an architech, Newman, who tries to jungle between work and family. As busy as he can be, Newman struggles to get promoted. He works hard to climb to the top, but finds little time left for his family. One day, Newman found this universal remote control--it can be used to stop, rewind and fast forward his life. One thing leads to another. To make a long story short, this movie successfully sends me a message about life, and how you should live for the moment because today will turn tomorrow, and that you cannot go back in time to fix things. It delivers me a message that you should appreciate things you are having--millions little things in your life will mean something to you in the future. This movie is great!!! I didn't expect it to be this good when I first rented it. Go grab one for your own and watch when you get a chance.

So today, after watching Click, I have been feeling gracious all day. I have turned to be a humble gal for a day. Thinking about buying this movie to fill my collection at home to watch when I have a down day. Tip for the day: Don't let DVD cover fool you. Some covers.


EVnoott said...

Well, not just the cover that sucks. I saw the movie trailer and it didn't seem to be a very interesting one. But! since it's Sandler's, so I guess it should at least funny, even though some of his movies suck.

Waiting for VCD so will rent and see it.

So, at the end of the movie, did he get much older than others since his time always continued while others didn't?? The 'Click' just reminded me of one of Dr.Senbe's inventions (Dr.Slump). He did grow so old after using it for a while!!

(Please skip to avoid nonsense-ness) said...

He does get old, but....................there are also other things.(don't wanna tell you now. Go rent it!) This is not like the best/ award winning movie or anything like that, but the message movie is sending hit me. I just love the lesson I've gained from it.