Saturday, September 30, 2006

Photographer Life

A little bit after I graduated, I flew back to Thailand for a great job offer at one of the best newspapers in the country. I hope to be able to not only write, but also photograph so I had spent a lot of time hanging with photographers. A few months after, realizing photography and photographers' status among Thai media aren't very well respected. Some pathetic colleagues call our devoted newspaper photographers as second class citizen in the newsroom. Aside from under-paid career photographers face today, sadly, among Thai media itself doesn't value training and the importance role of their own photographers. I can say that, I have been there, trying to photograph for my own writings. You wish among all of those who disrespect photographers should not be those who work in the industry, but sadly, that is how it is. Talking to various media photographers from different publications makes me realize one thing: as far as photojournalism goes--we are far behind others. Attitude is very important, and we definitely cannot disrespect our own people. Without photos, I'm not so sure if newspaper business will survive. I will blog more about this subject later to give you an inside of why I can grow faster and better educate myself in the US.
The photo above is taken by Craig Wilson, FPC Courier Newspapers, which has won second place the Best of Photojournalism 2006 Team Sports Action.


noott said...

I like your idea to have a separate major for photographic journalism (something like that) in the university. It's just sad looking at some of the photos in some newspapers.

I agree there's social class everyhwere in BKK and it will continue to be that way for our lifetime, or perhaps forever.

We are living in this society so, more or less, we are like them. That's the saddest thing.

OakMonster said...

Aww! My eye! My EYE!!!!

Folks in liberal arts in general are disregarded. I don't understand why that is.

So yeah, journalism is better than photography as a major because, well, you at least write something in journalism and you have to study something there. That seems to be the ideas.

I remember wanting to choose French-English program for 10th grade, but my parents made me choose the Math-English because "French-English" is for "kids who couldn't make the grades".

Hence, I flunked math and therefore my future at the entrance exam didn't look so hot. Would've been a stella student in French-English program, I tell ya. And that's how I ended up in the US. But I digress.

Of course, there are scholarships GALORE for students in math and scieneces to go study abroad. Ask anyone for a scholarship to the US for Communications, Photography, or Cinema-Television and the answer you'll get is, "Huh?".

The artists are ignored over there. Because our passions are not science and therefore we just didn't make the grades.

Okay. I'm done. Getting off the soapbox now. :)

Nui said...

Just to say welcome to the blogging world. All the best wishes for your adventures here and in Indianapolis. Photography is an art, art is done best with love. Love doesn't exist in the newsroom. I hope you decide to go back to Thailand one day after you've found what you wanted in the States because I wouldn't want Thailand to lack a person motivated by love. A bit selfish, I know... and hypocritical of me, because I live in Canada, but a day doesn't pass by where I don't wish I were in Thailand with all its problems.