Friday, October 20, 2006

Dead Rising is hard to admit--I am officially now a VDO game addict (the kind of human being I am scared to turn into,) but to look at the bright side. I am only addicted to this one game 'Dead Rising' by Xbox. Since Dan has bought this game, I have been since a wuss. No I never want to play, but watch. It is strange though because by watching someone else playing this game, it gets you hooked. Dead Rising is about this hot photojournalist Frank West (no no no not because it has anything to do with photojournalism makes me like the game)--a hard-edged dude hell bent on investigating the mystery at Willamette Mall in Colorado. Everyone, well almost, in the town have turned Zombie--some slow, some fast. Those zombies are scary as hell. Thank to technology nowadays, those dead beats look damn real!!! (okay! this gives you another reason why I don't wanna play, but only watch.) Besides that, I think what makes this game super cool to play is that everythings goes. You can kill Zombies by using anything--phones, pipe, baseball bats and pretty much everything you see. What make this game interesting is that Frank is not like any other kinds of main charactors in other games. He is not born a great fighter. There are skills he must learn, and once he kills more zombies, passes to next levels, reads more books and so on, killing skills will be built. This takes time. At first, this game looks just like any other killing game, but since everything goes, it gives you chances to do whatever the hell you wanna do. They give you timelines. Within those 72 hours, you have missions. You can do it, but not required to do it. But see, each solved mission is a key, leading to answer all the questions the town has. Man! I have gotta tell Dan to play again! Love it...Now...I sound just like one of them.

NOTE: For those who plan to buy a VDO game, Xbox 360 is worth the price. You will see the differences in graphics, shapeness and etc.

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OakMonster said...

LOL. Welcome to the gamer world, newbie!

I call myself a video game spectator. I follow the news and I watch Brandon plays, but I don't. Why not? The buttons confuse the hell out of me! Hence, my favorite game right now is Star Wars Lego I. It's still left to right up and down with a few toggles. :) Oh and there's that motion sickness from first-person shooter point of view thing...