Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Is the Business-Minded Required?

Okay...I'm really into restaurant business at this point. Someone once said to me that this kind of industry is basically a 'high risk, high return' kind of thing and that requires long hours, especially during the first year. Am I gonna be able to put up with it? The first restaurant I worked for was actually the better one in term of food and their authenticity. But co-workers and their system suck so bad. I am always the kind of person that working environment is very very important to me and that if I'm not happy (even if the place is the hippiest one in town) I have gotta say goodbye. That's why I left. The second restaurant offers a kind of Thai food that has been infused to suit American customers. I'm not saying it's bad, but for Thais, this place might not remind them of home. The restaurant also has an extensive collection of liquors and people are so friendly, funny and easy to get along with. I am happy, so I stay.

Since there is a bar section, I've always loved to hang out in there when getting a chance. I am staying for the sake of happiness and get to know how the place is operated. One thing I have learned so far: you really need to have at least one employee you can trust. Everything is business and costs money.

PS: Watching Laguna Beach while writing this, what a stupid show!

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