Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Disco in Life

Man...last night was fun. It's been a while since I last hung out with some Thais, and yes, a few glasses of Morgan's and Coke helped. It started off around 5pm when arriving at a Thai restaurant on the west side of town to work (well to be exact, to weigh whether I should be in this industry after all.) We had live music played by a local band on the weekend nights, so that spiked up the whole place. It was a slow Friday night according to everybody, so after everything was cooling down, and the band left, we started our own little Thai-wanna-sing karaoke contest.

I told Sam that I love singing (without being afraid it would literally freak every single customer away and they would never return,) but the requirement is: if I am not wasted, that will never happen and that I don't plan to be wasted anytime soon. So we sent our Laotian Dare Devil Chef (P'Bua) up on the stage. Talking about P'Bua, he was pretty sure he wasn't gonna sing tonight while we were all still in the kitchen. He kept saying.."no no no...nothing can make me do that. You will never see me sing." Several cups of beer later, he volunteerly jumped on the stage, and never let the mic go. Last night, we have discovered a hidden star. This guy is damn good. I wonder what the hell he is doing being a chef. We were hanging out in there until pretty late, and everyone has to work today (except me, hahaha.) I wonder how in the world they are going to make it through today. I assume anyone visits the restaurant today will spot some half drunks running around in the kitchen.

Note: I just realize that since I haven't kept up with Thai music in the least 4 years. I can't sing new Thai songs. I don't even know them anymore. Also to sing in English? That would be a shame of the family and peers. Pretty sad, huh?


OakMonster said...

I haven't been in touch with Thai music since 1994! Pretty much when you were the only one who cared about Thai music in your environment, what was the point of trying to catch up, right? :)

Anyhoo. Nothing's wrong with singing the classics. Some Micro and Asanee and Wassan and Christina and Mai. Always a crowd pleaser! :)

(Please skip to avoid nonsense-ness) said...

The last group of singers I've kept up with are probably the same as yours Oakley!! Asanee, Ampol, Mai and all those during the oldies!!!

All new faces of Thai singers nowadays...I don't even know their names and faces....let alone lyrics.