Monday, October 09, 2006

A Day in Life in a Thai Restaurant # 1

So like I've said in the previous blog, I will find time to work in a Thai restaurant in Indy to gain some experiences and most importantly, to help me make decision if this industry will be right for me as far as owning one. Throughout my life, I am known for jumping from one thing to another. My interest changes like once every 2 weeks, and that I do not want that to be the case of owning a restaurant just to serve my temporary need. So here I am. I finally found just the right restaurant for me--good food, good ambience, and good location as far as business goes. I insisted with the owner that I didn't wish to wait tables (it's just not my thing dealing with customers in general...not right now.) I want kitchen. I love to cook.

Ended up today, I worked of a total 11 hours straight--here we are talking about 11 hours with no break (of course, they will pay me.) Very long hours are what experienced restaurant owners have told me in the past. When you work in a restaurant, not part-time, it will be long hours. Imagine you own one--unless you have pretty thick financial resources that you can just hire just about everybody to work in each position. After all, all Thai joints in Indy are family owned and operated. There are mom, dad, kids, sisters, brothers...something like that in the restaurant to cut the cost of employees if you ever want to hire one or ones.

1) I am able to make like 300 spring rolls in a few hours.
2) Health Dept visits the restaurant once every 2 or 3 months.
3) Wok and gas stove make food taste better.
4) Creativity is a must when it comes down to creating satisfying side dish.
5) It is a great idea to hire a head chef who knows how to make great Thai foods. Owner can cook themselve to save some money, but it will be damn busy with all other things to think about (if the owner can cook.)
6) Should hire hispanic (preferably mexicans) to help out in the kitchen. They are so great!
7) Employees should be strictly reminded to wash their hands regularly.

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