Sunday, September 02, 2007

Thailand Trip # the first weekend

On Saturday, I tagged my sister and mom along to Fortune to buy some CDs for my uncles who lives in England. I didn't even know how Fortune set up and that buyers may not need to visit Pantip for this kind of buys. Plenty of cheap CDs and movies. After that, we went to eat at Nai-Nuad restaurant. It's so funny how many things have changed while I live in the U.S. I'm not sure how others feel about it, but it seems to me that 1000 bahts can be blown away in just a second. Many things seem to be much more expensive comparing with the past three year.

In the evening, a friend and I went to Riverfront Restaurant by the Chae Phraya River. I remember coming here once a few years back.

Foods of the day: Tod mun khoong, yam pra dook foo, tom yum koong, kao pad kang keaw wan gai and kai kem.

Sunday: Visit Siam Square and MBK. Since I've arrived to Thailand, one of my missions is to bring back cheap purses (as many as possible) to the U.S. It's hard to beat 199bahts deal here. Many people said 'you've gotten what you've paid for', but heck, who cares? Very very tried. I haven;t sweated this much for a very long time by just walking, but numbers of people in the city are just unbelievable I mean. Back when I was still living in Thailand, I was so used to it.

Foods of the day: Shamu....something. Basically, little bit of sushi and mixtures of sukiyaki-style foods.

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