Friday, August 31, 2007

Thailand Trip # Day One

Wed 8/29: Took a flight from Indy to Chicago. Waiting like forever at Ohare only to hear the news that the plane would be delay for 2 hours. Didn't leave until 2 something pm. I was thinking, this'd only delay all the flights all the way to BKK.

Wed 8/29-TR 8/30: It's not like I didn't expect this--the flight from Chicago to Narita lasted like a lifetime. It was beyond boring. Not only I didn't have anything interesting to do, the fact that I got stuck with strangers for more than half a day in a small place makes it worse. United airlines was alright. Giving the price I've paid, I don't think I'm entitled to complain much. Though, there were points when I felt it would have been much better to fly first class. Since this flight was delay from the start, I knew that'd leave me little to no time to catch another flight to BKK. Upon arriving to Narita, captain annouced that the airport had hold Narita-BKK flight for us 10 who flew from Chicago. We ran and ran through another gate. Once getting onto the plan to Bangkok, I saw seated passengers passing some kind of judgements to us ten who were about 2 hours late and these people had been waiting for us all along. It wasn't like they had any choice, but so hadn't we.

TR 8/30: Pilot flew that damn plane from Japan like a crazy 16-year-old dude. It took us only 4 hours to get to Bangkok. So surprisingly, I arrived in BKK at 10:20pm...almost 2 hours earlier than our scheduled time. Remember how the plane was 2 hours delay, obviously the captain had made it up for us all.

Friday 8/31: On the phone with so many relatives, family and friends. Took a tour on our new renovated home (outside). I got to go some places a bit today. Traffic in BKK hasn't changed a bit--only worse. I can see there are more concrete in this city and technology is something I haven't catched up with yet.

Foods of the day--gai-yang, som tum, nam tok, soop-nor-mai, hor-mok.


p'pung said...

welcome back!!

Anonymous said...

Pond, welcome to Thailand. Your first day menu sounds very typical "arrival" menu... he he- veen

Pondering said...

thanks guys. i will contact y'all. now i'm trying to keep up with things I've gotta do. my parents sure keep me occupied with family stuff.

see you soon!