Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thailand Trip # Southern of Thailand

No no no, not Phuket or Ko Samui. I left BKK on Monday to visit family living in Had Yai in Songkla province. Tomorrow, Friday, will be my last day here then heading back to my good ol' Bangkok. Had Yai is a pretty good town--even though the city, for some reasons, does not carry bunch of the same groups of tourists as its neighbors, Phuket and Samui. Most tourists visiting Had Yai are largely Malaysians, Singaporeans and Chineses. Not sure why. Maybe Had Yai does not carry the *atmosphere* similar to the two places mentioned above. Shopping in Had Yai is great! Lots of tax free and fake goodies are like heaven to me. I pretty much buy anything I need, except for perfumes and electronics. I'm not an expert in these areas, so chances are, I will end up with fake/ low quality goods with a higher price. So I mostly leave perfumes and electronics alone just to give myself a peace.

Conversation between vender and customer in Had Yai usually goes like this:
Vender: "Do you want a fake _______ or a real one?"
Customer: "em........real one."
Vender: "Here it is. It's 100% genuine. You can trust me."
Customer: Flipping through the good back and forth, "how do I know?"
Vender: "Here" while pointing to different label on the, say, a bottle of perfume.
Customer: still not so sure whether it's real.

Venders here are good. They know when to lie and who to lie to. They can tell whether you are a local or not. Every shopper must be careful.

Foods of the day: not sure what anymore---too many things like southern kanom jeen, all the popular southern dishes (since my mom's family is from here so I've been going to so many famous restaurants and childhood food spots. Can't even list them all here.)

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