Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thailand Trip # precious things

Many Thais wear yellow shirts to honor the
King's 80th birthday. Government and workplace now encourage their employees to wear *yellow* which is the King's birth day (Monday) on Monday. Though anybody, really, wear this shirt and I'm talking about everywhere, especially on Monday. It's so cute. I guess this really applies to any day, but Monday will be the day I see 80% of the people wear them.
Who knows? My trip to Thailand is almost over already! What am I going to do without:

1) All these great Thai foods, desserts, snacks. I'm not a big fan of cake, yes, cake, but last week manage to discover this little cake shop at Bon Marche in Prachanivech called Bow Cake. The Bai-Teiy flavour makes me wish I weigh 35 kilos, so I can just eat all I want.
2) The cheap tropical Thai herbs.
3) The foot massage.

And during these past 2 weeks, I've managed to get addicted to a Korean series, Ju-Mong. By the day, only a few days left, I should start planning a serious shopping trip. Last Sunday, I got a chance to visit Platinum mall near Pratunam. GREAT PLACE TO SHOP! No need to go to JJ market. Here is air conditioned and is very very cheap place to buy stuff. So many earrings I got from that day. 10 bahts a pair, can't find this deal anywhere else.

Food of the day: fish noodles, pan-klips, more tod-muns, kao-tung-na-tung etc.
News update: Total death from Phuket plane crash = 89 bodies
Initial compensation from Orient Thai = 100,000 bahts

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