Tuesday, September 25, 2007

First Day Back from the Thailand Trip

I miss home already! Getting home sick at the age of 30......sounds funny, but very very true.

3 weeks and a little bit have proven not even close of enough time to visit family and friends, but enough to make I miss them when being away. Monday the 24th, I got to the new airport by 4am to take a flight to Narita, then Chicago to Indianapolis. Pretty smooth flight I must say--no problem with immigration and custom whatsoever. 6 hours and a bit for a flight from BKK to Narita. About 11-12 hours from Narita to Chicago and another hour from Chicago to Indy.

The whole home sick thing didn't hit me until the plane actually landed at Indy airport and worse when I walked into my very own apartment--no parents, no siblings, no dogs. It's strange.


oakmonster said...

Oh, Pond! I feel you, girl. HUGS!!!!

Next time, we should plot to be Thailand together. Our plan is for Jan/February 2009.

Pondering said...

Yep, definitely Oh+
I really hate leaving my parents there. I get all weepy everytime I'm leaving loved ones at the airport *sign.*