Monday, September 03, 2007

Thailand Trip# The food

Went to Central Ladprao today. I didn't get to walk around a whole lot; just basically there for lunch and very sadly to admit--for Japense cartoons (I will blog more later about Japenese will take more than a few lines that's why.) We ate at S&P today and speaking of S&P, I'm not sure how other Thais feel about this place, but man! I just love it. Their foods are so good, creative (we are talking about variety of foods and how they develop these good old traditional Thai foods into something very very awesome! Though, eating there is pretty pricy comparing to amount of foods I get.) My lunch there was great as usual. I also went to Big C, a grocery store, to buy some day-to-day supplies. Again, it takes about 3 seconds to spend 1000 bahts nowadays. Things are pricier I must say. I didn't realize it takes close to more than 100 bahts to buy shower gel. Most shampoo and conditioner cost over 100 bahts. Wow....even though I can't hear what I write, but I do realize I'm falling behind and it sucks. I find myself asking so many questions since I get to Thailand this time and don't know so many things and so many ways people do things around here. I don't mean to sound weird, but it's true!

Speaking of food, I believe, Thai foods must be the best in the world and that coming to Thailand this time is like an eye opener. Foods are available for consumers anytime and everywhere they go. The connection between Thais and their foods are so great. I mean, seriously, Thais eat just about anytime and these vendors sure make it convenient for us all to eat. Until now, I'm not so sure how these girls stay skinny with all of these great foods available within an arm reach. It is one of those few things I miss a lot about living in Thailand.

Food of the day: Yum-Tau-Poo, Por-Pia-Sod, Kao-Mun-Som-Tam, Watermelon shake, Kao-Yum

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