Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thailand Trip # Too Little Time

Sept 5, 2007: Went to Silom and Lalai-Sup with dad, mom and sister. Just realize today I shop well *alone.* This may be a habit, but when I need something, I am more comfortable doing it alone. So yeah....visited Lalai-Sup without getting a thing. In the evening, went to dinner at this place called 'Yuu.' It's like an old Daidomon with better location, beef and much higher price. First time eating iberry icecream--Durian flavor (sure keep my breath exactly like Durian for the rest of the night.)

Food of the day: Grilled beef, iberry Durian, Dim Sum.

Sept 6, 2007: Actually, three weeks and a few days can be either just enough or not that close to enough. I've become to realize today that it'd be much better to make two seperate trips to Thailand--one devoted to family and another for friends. In this case, there is too little time.

Went to Hua-Hin to visit my aunt today (dad's sister.) So much changes going on there since last time I was there a little over 3 years ago. See, this can be a good thing. Since I remember, when I think about Hua-Hin, I think about my dad's side of family. It's strange since I've never once thought of it as a beach town, seafoods or vacations like others. Going there doesn't give me a vacation vibe, but more of a visit with my family. Anyhow, change is good in this case. More stuff to do there I must say.

Food of the day: Hormok (again), fish noodles, kao-gang


oakmonster said...

Oh god. Lalaisapp!!!!! I didn't get to do the traditional trip down the alley these past two times. The new mom couldn't get out of the house for the shopping extravaganza this year.

I. Love. Lalaisapp! :) Their todd mann? Oh holy lawd, were they good!!

Pondering said...

hey....make sure you go next time you visit Thailand. BUT it's not like stuff down that soi are that cheap I mean, you can probably get them like 10-20 bahts higher in the AC department stores around town.