Sunday, September 09, 2007

Thailand Trip # foot massage

Oh gosh..................who says money cannot buy happiness? Money definitely can buy some happinesses and foot massage is something money can buy.

Money = Foot Massage = Happiness

This is one thing I've been dreaming of being done. Getting massaged in the US is something I'd call, luxury. Who want to pay $60 or more/ hour of foot rub? I don't. I know these well-trained Thai fellas can do a much better job with a few dollars an hour. I pay a little higher price for my foot rub today, well, higher than average of Thai standard. Say, 300 bahts. I pulled out my calculator and it shows me about $8.

Foot massage. Something I'll get on a daily basis while in Thailand. Something money can buy. I can hear my feet cry in joy today...loudly.


Daniel said...

I agree, a foot massage a day helps me play :)

I'll miss this one aspect of Thailand when i Leave

p'pung said...

never had a foot massage but a body massage at wat pho, and it felt so good. You should also try.

Pondering said...

I have had all kinds of massages before, but personally love foot massage more than others.

Hand massage is great as well.