Sunday, September 02, 2007

Thailand Trip: when I've been so far behind

I forgot to add this into my previous blog today and figure it's worth a mention. Visiting Thailand this time is an eye opener. It shows me how far behind I've been all of these years. In the past 3 days, I've been VERY behind more than you can imagine, and yes, it's only been 3 days!
1) Reading Thai gossip magazines, I know almost nobody, no stars, singers, models etc in there. I mean, seriously.
2) I know very little about Thai politics (which no, it doesn't surprise me. Never follow it in the first place.)
3) Any popular celebraty who appeared after 1999, I really don't know them.
4) Never got on the subway.
5) So many new restaurants in town. I can't even keep up with it. Anything I think is hip, it's just not...well.....not anymore!!!


p'pung said...

Well, I don't know if this will help you feel any better!! You don' have to live out of Thailand (or BKK) to feel falling so behind!

1. Movies stars, I live in BKK, and I don't know much about them coz only some group of people are interested in their personal lives.

2. Thai politics: now Thai people are sick and tired of it. We don't pay attention to the small detials in Newspaper. We are just waiting for the election day.

3. There are many new celebrities, so many that we can't keep track of their births in the focus. They are so many that we feel they are just normal people like us and so give less attention.

4. The Restaurants: I totally agree. There are so many good restaurants pop out in BKK like mushrooms in those damp spaces! BKK people are becoming food hunters these days. You can find lots of topics on the net about these restaurants. Man!! we are lucky that we can enjoy their food innovations!! Yummy Yummy!!

Watch out for those unwanted souvenir you'll be carrying home!!

Pondering said...

I know. I always end up buying so many things back to the U.S. too many things that I may not need to use later.

As far as foods in BKK, oh jeez. Love them. Never ever complain about numbers of restaurants. I love them too much and who don't. My problem right now is I enjoy eating way too much so the last thing I want to do is weighing myself.

About Thai celebs....oh now I know you are behind, I feel much better now. There are too many of them and you can tell that many of those celebs are in the business because of their look and that's about it.

oakmonster said...

My thought exactly on the celebrity. There are wayyy too many Thai "celebrities" these days! It's like everyone and their mothers are celebrities.

Although, Maam Catleya came to my mom's funeral. Ditto Leesoh (or whatever his name his) the footballer. What can I say, my brother knows people. Heh.

Pondering said...

Hey Oh+
Are you still in Thailand?