Friday, September 21, 2007

Thailand Trip # the last weekend

How am I going to make my last weekend worthwhile? Too many things needed to be done--seems impossible:

1) Visit other family members
2) Other friends to talk, to meet
3) Buying some books
4) Doing more eating

During my trip home this time, I've discovered this mall 'Platinum' near Pratunam area, selling very very cheap goodies. I bought many crystal-look alike key chains for 50 bahts a piece. Another day seeing the same one sold at JJ Plaza for 159 bahts--triple the price at Platinum. This shopping archad will be my must-go destination during my next trip home. Oh gosh, I feel like a tourist in my own town. Seeing things, getting so excited with such bargain prices. Bangkok has been changing, new ways, new streets, new routes--I hope these changes are leading the city to a good destination. What am I going to do this weekend? My last weekend.

1 comment:

p'pung said...

Last weekend already!! We haven't met!!!!

yeah.. I know I know, you had been tied up with family re-union. That's cool. Glad to know you had fun and lots of good food.

Hope you are not gaining too much weight!!! heheheheheh