Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Weight Gain and Other Stuff

As I've expected, I came back to the US with weight gain. I will not even want to mention, how much, but I can feel my work pants get tighten. What a frightening experience!

Shopping in Thailand is a lot of fun, but eating in Thailand is much more fun. I'd chosen to eat almost everything I like and cannot find back in the States. I remember making a daily trip to Bon Marche Market to get a bite off Piek-Poon--a kind of desserts I cannot even explain why I like it and what it tastes like. Yes, another thing I cannot find in this great country of America. I've bought several kinds of foods back. As much as I hate to have a trouble getting inspected at the custom at the airport, I have agreed with myself I must take a risk. I packed things like Pla-Salids, Pan-Sips and some nam-prik in my suitcases (of course, they were well sealed!) taking my chances. If I were to get picked for an inspection and they'd take those yummy stuff away from me, so be it. At least I know I've tried. Luckily, it was one of those very few days. I didn't get stopped. I passed ALL DA WAY!!!

It is funny (and that was why I insisted packing my suitcases alone to avoid humiliations, ha) and I'm not sure if other fellow Thais do have a taste like me. Besides food shopping to bring back, I'd do personal hygiene items shopping as well. Items such as cheap facial cream, facial foam (love the Shogubutsu), Parrot soap bars, toothpaste...stuff like that. I love buying those stuff back here because they remind me of Thailand--something that is a little hard to explain. Like Parrot soap bars, they smell sooooo good, sooooo refreshing. So far, no soap bars in the US can beat it, so how can I resist the temptation to spend 32 bahts on 4 soap bars--it's hard to beat the deal. When I was shopping for these stuff at Big C near by house, I was thinking about how many Thais pay so much money to use imported goodies. Me, on the other hands, pays less than ever, to carry back made-in-Thailand items. The quality may be as good if you know what I'm saying. There are some wise venders carry several Bath and Body Works items. A regular 10oz bottle of shower gel costs over 450 bahts. A little one sold for 250 bahts. I wonder how Thai college kids can afford these stuff? Oh..I'm just complaining like an old lady!!!

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