Sunday, September 09, 2007

Thailand Trip # the changes

Visiting Thailand this time, again, many things have changes. Bangkok has turned to be one concrete-made city. The city is, worse than ever, over crowded, polluted and well concreted. I have been thinking, whenever the city has enough money and free of corruption, I hope sky trains and subway trains can reach all the suburbs. This will fix the traffic problems.

Sept 8 (Saturday): I got to go to *Water Front*, a cool restaurant by Chao Phraya River. It was nice. It was a reunite with old friends I went to CMU with and that I've not seen them for a very long time. A very nice restaurant with good food, nice scenery, great price. I remember coming to this restaurant a little over 3 years ago while working for the Nation.

Stopped by Kao San Road before heading to the restaurant. There is this convenient parking lot near the market by the road. Almost went to JJ market earlier, but after sticking my facing in the steamy market, not sure I could fight the crowd and the heat. So JJ market plan was cancelled.

Today Sunday Sept 9: went to Siam Square again. I found this purse shop in MBK. I'm so grateful being in Thailand. Really appreciate our country's craftmanship. 199 baht/ a purse, as good as it gets, works with me. I don't need no brand names to keep me happy. I figure if I really want a brand name one, no need to come to Thailand for it. Also swung by Siam Paragon, OMG!, this place is so expensive. Can you believe a scoop of ice cream cost 300 bahts. Again, no need to come to Thailand for this. I prefer 15 bahts a scoop from a street vendor.

Love it: the BTS bridges from the station to Central World to Siam Square to MBK. Genious thoughts whoever made it.
Hate it: Thai kids spend their parents fortune on brand name stuff, eating out at a restaurant that will cost more than many people's salary.

Food of the day: Kua-Kling (southern dish), Japanese grilled salmon, Pad Pak Boong Thai (southern style) and other stuff I can't even keep up with.

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