Saturday, September 15, 2007

Thailand Trip # another joy of being here

I know this will sound funny--another reason I love about being here is I get to indulge all of those Thai-translated Japanese cartoons as much as I can take it. I've been a big fan of Japanese cartoons and animations since...I can read. This means business. I started of reading a classic cartoon *Doraemon* just like any other kids. I bought my first cartoon when it was sold for 10 bahts or a little less a piece. Those old cartoons have been kept nicely here at my parents' house here--untouched by others. My family knows not to throw them away...ever. Then from classic/ kid-friendly Doraemon, I've expaned into other series, girls, boys cartoons I read them all. I especially love those with Japanese history story base.

Many of my friends who were into it with me back then no longer read them now. They let go of cartoon when they went to college or a little later. Me, as a 30-year-old, still faithfully read them......very religiously. It's almost impossible to find one in the States. I can't make myself reading cartoons in English. Since I can't read Japanese, Thai fits best here. My trip this time has been a joy. When I get a minute here and there, there are cartoons I spend most time with. What a happy life not many people understand.

The recent price update: 35-45 bahts/ cartoon (black and white)
80 bahts/ colored cartoon

Most recent favorite cartoonist: Ueda Rinko

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