Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ethic Grocery Store

(When I was thinking about something to post here earlier, I ended up posting my previous blog that I didn't mean to. So here is another one for today that I ACTUALLY mean to unload.)

I was very lucky that there are tons of ethnic grocery stores within 3 miles radius from my apartment here in Indy. If you do not know, Indianapolis is nothing close to say, Californaia, where minorities are taking over. Here in Indy, over 90% are white americans, probably 4-5% are blacks, less than 4 are hispanics, very very few Asians and others--not to narrow it down to Thais. From my understanding, I know all the Thais living here. I can count heads!!!

Anyhow. Back to ethnic stores in my 'hood. Yes, you heard me, my *hood.* We, hoodies, live in the area where it happens be so diverse. Indianapolis is like Bangkok in a way where downtown is not very crowded. The city is kind of spread out. When I first picked this apartment to be my home, it's solely based on the location--where it's easy to access I-465. I-465 is like a main highway running like a loop around the Indianapolis and its surrounding area. Basically when you live near 465, you are pretty much near everything. My apartment is 1 block away from 465, located right next to Target (there is no such thing as shopping too often as Target, let me tell you), minutes from local grocery stores, 15 minutes from work, and close to millions ethnic stores.

Back to ethnic stores, about two years ago, we finally have an actually Asian grocery store/ supermaket. It may sound silly to be excited about this, but again here in Indy, there ain't no such thing as an *actual* supermarket made for Asians. Here, I can actually use a cart to shop, get hair cut, eat at food court and yes....they have fresh department. That didn't happen until two years ago when two Korean brothers decided to spend their money and opened one. Thank to them, the way the store set up makes a Thai smiles. There is a huge section selling supplies from Thailand. I'm very psyhed.
As excited as I can be, I also feel for those small stores in the surrounding areas. I'm pretty sure these little store owners aren't as happy as I am to have a giant market opening nearby. Though I visit these smaller stores from time to time to pick up certain things the big guy doesn't carry, but chances are: unless they are out of stock, I won't go to a little guy. This attitude sucks I must say. It's like how local stores are dying away when Walmart hits the location.

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