Thursday, August 02, 2007


I watched CNN this morning (wow! I suddenly feel kind of savvy, up-to-date gal all of the sudden here) about a bridge in Minneapolis collapsed earlier on this morning, and felt this sudden urge pondering about how quickly lifes got taken away without ones even know it. My thought and prayer go to those 4-5 people who died during this tragic accident, go to all of the others injured, missing and their families. *Sign*

Then I think about life in general (deep thought on-going here.) How sudden ones go? I think about myself, at times, take life for granted--whining and complaining about something non-sense. I think about how ones just have no idea when they will die or worse, when their loved one will. You just have no clue.

The split moment I watched the news, I felt extremely small. May be I should just take life as it comes--step by step, living for today.

(Photo by Richard Sennott , Star Tribune)


p'pung said...

Yeah...this kind of accident reminds us every once in a while to live the life as we'd die tomorrow. Well, but when time passes by, we forget about it and start taking things for granted again.

This is something that's not supposed to happend and now it happens in US so thought it was the terrorist act but not really. Just an old bridge!

Resulting from this incedent, in BKK, the governor gave order to examine all the bridges older than 10 years, around 13 bridges. That's good.

Pondering said...

That's such a good idea. I actually thought about Thailand too when watching the news.

Hey, can you give me your MSNSpace link again? I kinda loss it in the process.