Monday, August 20, 2007

The Hassle(s) of Growing Old

When I really think about it, constantly living for 3 decades and months should be about celebrations (we are talking about living, eating, sleeping minute by minute everyday for 365 days for over 30 years, it should all be about woo-hoo.)

The down side? I'm really getting old. I didn't realize until I get to talk to a doctor another day and he reminds me to start getting some physical examinations done by a family doctor. A *family doctor* huh? American ways are always complicated. My current ENT won't take my blood pressure. I have to go to a so-called family doctor.

So flipping through my insurance book for an in-network MD (another complicated American way,) I found one. So I called, made an appointment and will be off seeing him on Thursday. Being a 30-year-old makes me sick. I have to worry about my cholesterol, blood pressure, decrease in metabolism and my biological clock ticking away (come to think about it. worrying too much about my bio clock = binge eating = high cholesterol = high blood pressure = back to MD = being older than 30.) Being old sucks!

My dad also keeps reminding me of how important it is for me to eat well--all greens and colorful fruits. How I should decrease my sodium intake and fatty goods out there. How often I should work out. How much I should sleep.

Since my 30th birthday a few months ago, these should-do list starts pouring, flooding from different directions. I get to think how wonderful life must have been back when our ancestors were all cavemen; not having to worry much since they didn't get to live long anyway. *sign*

And I mean in a very respectfully reasonable way--as simple as that.

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p'pung said...

It'll be hard at first to watch this and that on your health but you'll get used to it eventually.

We all have to go through the same thing at each stage of life. But for me, I always do whatever makes me happy. What's the point of living long time but miserably with those restrictions?

Not too much but not too little, like the buddha said.