Sunday, August 05, 2007

Diet--a crash course

About to go to Thailand in 3 weeks--now I'm freaking out.

Going to Thailand = eating spree, comments, unfitted clothings, weight gains, bloating on the way back to the US.

I'm officially depressed. Being in the US, my weight is never/ really a social issue to me. I'm pretty average comparing with those Americans out there. I can find just about anything at anywhere I wish to wear with no problem! Here, going to Thailand with the really master plan to eat, I can see the future of a major fat ass waiting for me. I recall my last trip to Thailand a few years back, remembering what the worst time it was for me to shop for jeans at Siam Square, having a hard time finding my size. It appears to me that every single girl in Bangkok have turned midgets. If they were to be here, they'd probably end up at junior department, let alone size 00.

What am I gonna do? At this point, my life-long fruits and vegetables diet aren't gonne do. What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do?


oakmonster said...

Don't buy ANY pants in Thailand, that's what you'll do. LOL. I have a hard time finding pants in Thailand too because I have a butt. I'd fit in the legs and everything but they were all too tight at the hips. Typical Thai girls are just plain flat!

But the tops? Oh, girl, shop away anywhere!

This system has worked out for me all these years. Shouldn't be a problem for you either. :)

Pondering said...

Agree agree. Buying pants in Thailand is just a hassle--aside from unability to buy ones, I always end up feeling bad about myself.......

Me too, the butt part is horrible. There is no way in hell I'd fit into those pants made for Thai gals.

P'Pung said...

See you have found my msn space...

p'pung said...

a crash course:
3 weeks, trickly raw fish and fresh vegetables. Eat good oil from salmon steak. Sound like japanese.

If you don't lose weight, at least, you'll be smarter!! (omega 3 in fish makes you smart).


Pondering said...


Thanks for the tips! I can tell now that I will end up with the smart side, hahaha.