Saturday, August 25, 2007


I borrow this photo from, so I won't be complaining much about the quality of the photos.
Sports photography is challenging, pretty difficult to get great pictures since subjects are moving everywhere. Football is a notch harder I believe. Aside from the moving part, a photographer has this whole field in front of him with bunch of subjects making it very hard to focus. So I understand. In this case, the picture on the left, I will leave it alone. I got it from the website initially to use it for my pre-season blog, but oh well.
I remember photographing my very first football game in my life at Ball State--damn, it was a trip to pure disaster. A large field was one thing, but knowing nothing about football was a big deal. I recall a 400mm lense flying left and right not knowing what was going on. The next thing I noticed was a TV guy laying on his back gotten hit by a big linebacker.


p'pung said... shooting is one challange thing, the speed, the big field, and so on.

You know, for me, I have hard time taking photo of my niece. She's always moving around so quickly and never in the mood of being a model for me.

I'd better stick to buildings, natures, and non-moving stuff so it won't discourage me too much.

Pondering said...

no no no
you should not feel that way. little kids play good objects for photography because they are so natural. if she does not feel like posing, have you thought about taking some candid pictures of her instead. i think she will look fascinating.

p'pung said...

well, she's always run away from my camera and screams a lot at me. headache!!