Saturday, August 18, 2007

Outlets of America

One of those advantages of living in the U.S. is opportunities of *brand names* shopping at low prices. This, especially comes in pretty handy, when I'm planning a trip back home. I guess my dad is right. There is no point buying, say, brandless name from Walmart, because if you op for whatever-cheaps, Thailand has countless to offer. No need to bother pricey stores elsewhere.
Today, my happy Saturday, Dan and I went to an outlet south of Indianapolis. Unlike Chicago, Hoosiers don't have quality outlets around. The last one I went to was in Muncie years back, and they had already gone out of business due to its suckiness. This outlet in Edinburgh is probably the best around in Indiana--not the best in the market, mind you, but *okay* for Indiana's standard. At least, I got some today for family back home.
It is sad to really think about it. A few years ago when I went to Chicago northside outlets, as much as I don't have anything against Edinburhg (see pic above: thanks Edinburgh website), it hurts to recall how much I'd spent.

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p'pung said...

I never bought anything from the outlet. I am not a brand person because it's too expensive. I don't buy fake ones either coz I'm too proud.

So I end up wearing whatever I've been wearing for ages! Or buy only those with real, but unpopular name. Think about buying new clothes for time to time but then...nah...too lazy.

Hm... maybe that's why I am still single!!