Friday, August 10, 2007

Repulsive side of living in America

These are examples of what I dislike most about living in the States (Try not to use the word 'hate' here, but to be exact, is there any word in between dislike and hate? If so, that's just what I need.)

* No one can say my name correctly*
See, I can keep my cool if they just accept the fact that they just *can’t.* Don’t even try to have me say it, then you say it, then you can’t, then you ask me again, and you still can’t, then you say forget it. This is so tedious. Imagine you meet strangers everyday (license branch, grocery stores, bank tellers, lists go on) and all of these people make you say your name when you already know how it’s gonna end. Very frustrating I’ve gotta tell you. Many time I find myself getting so pissed of with innocent people who are just curious (and more likely I won’t see them again.)

*Everybody seems to think my nickname is funny* (and apparently let me know how they feel too.) How hard it is for Americans to believe that ones can be born with a nickname NOT an a.k.a.

*Conversations with dumb people*
Dumb people: "Huh? Oh! you mean you're from Taiwan?"
Me: "Thailand NOT Taiwan."
Dumb people: "Taiwan...isn't Taiwan or Thailand the same thing"
Me: "Noooooo!!! Two seperate countries."
Dumb people: "Really? So Thailand is like a tribe close to Tibet."
Me: "Are you serious?"
Dumb people: "Isn't it?"
I swear this happens to me from time to time. Not often, but it's dead true.

*Belief: America is the best place to live. Why? Because it's America, baby!*
Believe me, they can go on about it. If you wanna change that mentality, be my guest.


oakmonster said...

Forgive them for they know not how stupid they are.

That's what I learned from my first few years in the white bread all-American high school and towns.

Instead of getting angry, just laugh at how dumb/ignorant they are. And you're much better off. :)

Pondering said...

Thanks Oh+
I don't really get mad anymore, but it can be annoying from time to time especially when I'm not in a playful mode.