Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Trip (I'm obsessed)

Going to Thailand this time is pretty big for me. There have been several things coming to my mind driving me nuts. Belows are examples:

1) Diet--I've come to realize today that I will not be able to make it happens--a crashed course diet before the trip is just not happening to me. Not sure two weeks will do any good.
2) According to the number #2--going to Thailand with less than ok-body is just a test of a self-esteem trip. There will be some kinds of judgemental thinking within the family against me. Not kind of hateful comments, but bad enough to get me mad.
3) According to #1 and #2 combined--FYI, I love my body. I've been loving it for a while now and have made peace with the fact that there are little I can change about myself, so I might as well accept and love it. But putting myself through critism on a daily basis for 3 weeks, it's more than long enough to drive me wild.
4) Time--3 weeks can go by fast as a blink. Who says it's enough. The best/ just-about-right vacation to my home should last about 2 months. How am I going to cram things to do with little time I have.
5) The last day in BKK will be the worst ever--Hate saying goodbye to loved ones. Seeing their faces fading away is to worst it can be. Airport is definitely not a place to do that. I just hate it. This is a feeling that never changes.
6) Location--I really want to go to Chiang Mai. Going to Thailand without standing on Chiang Mai's soil is like eating plain noodles with no sauce. Knowing it's not gonna happen is horrible. Instead, I will end up in BKK, then Had Yai then Hua Hin for family visits. Not like I don't want to be there. It's just I wish I would have more time.

Believe me. I think about these craps every single day--not in order--as I count down to the travel date.

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oakmonster said...

#1-3...that's why after a while of living in the US, 2-3 weeks home is just about enough. ;-)