Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Time flies....

It's been ages since the last time I blogged. My only real reason of blogging is to keep an online diary since typing (in English where there aren't so many letters) seems to be almost too convenient nowday for myself...I mean, the online diary. Another indirect reason is here written (well, typed) online to share with friends who I haven't written to or bad in keeping in touch with to get to keep up with my thoughts and me (so that there won't be too many things they miss out when I get to talk to them next time, hopefully.) I don't mean to be so self involved, for your record.

But see, keeping an online diary is so far from writing a diary...an actually papers and pens diary. My thought is out there, no secrets whatsoever. There is no where-should-I-keep-my-diary kind of thoughts. There is no value as far as oh-gosh-if-so-and-so-read-this type of feelings. Online diary is pretty shallow (admitted by me who is writing this online by the way.) Personally, it's more like a self proclaim non-fiction/ fiction. You know there will be someone out there reading your craps. Oh! what if so and so reads this and that......oh........maybe I shouldn't have written this and that. Before I know it, I go back and re write my craps.

Nothing wrong with this online thing. Heck, who am I to say. I just wish that some time soon, I will be keeping my journal--the old way.

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oakmonster said...

I alternate.

When things get to be truly private, it goes into the paper journal. Otherwise, it's here. :)