Monday, July 09, 2007

Here are what I've been anticipating they will happen someday:

1) The day when tattoos are socially exceptable worldwide. I'm talking about no trash talk about tattoo lovers and their stereotype. Why is it so hard to believe that having a tattoo (or it can be plural) is not just a fashion? Any thought maybe people just love it?
2) Women photojournalists become a majority.
3) Voluptious ladies are beauties in Thailand.
4) No more whinning whether who's right, who's wrong in abortion, homosexualities, races and religions (also whether marijuana should be legalized or not comparing with alcohol.)
5) Minimum speed on the highway (and for those who can't keep up with it, there are this word called "local roads."
6) Men to be able to except women who speak up without having these control issues.
7) I say, get rid of all those judgements. Just because you disagree with it, doesn't mean it's wrong.
8) Also, seniors are as important as children. Just because they are old, this doesn't justify the fact that they are more important. I'm so sick of hearing, oh! kids are so precious and on and on. Seniors can be "the brain" if you know what I mean.
9) Allow drinking at 16--just because they are banned from bars, doesn't mean they follow the rules anyway. Probably safer to have them drink openly so that adults can watch and warn.
10) Make recycles free. Now city charges people for recycling (think how much you pay for the recycling trash.) Some say, don't even worry about that damn cycling if you are gonna charge people to throw their craps away to help the environment. Make it free....people will recycle everywhere.

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